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Hello Everyone! I'm Rica and I'm 17. I love music and my fave bands are All Time Low and 5SOS. I'm a feminist and Michael Clifford is going to be the death of me. My four Best Friends are Ginny, Allison, Cydney and Chloe.



hairstyles change your entire appearance don’t even try to tell me they don’t


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Women are sharing their comebacks to instances of everyday sexism



and it’s amazing


but wait there’s moreimage

omg and then image

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"Why, is your nose bigger than your dick?" OMFG so good!

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The only dates i get are updates

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"guitarists finger faster, bassists do it deeper, singers do it louder, drummers hit it harder"

friendly reminder that ashton irwin can do all of the above

That is the least friendly reminder I’ve ever heard

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it’s so dumb that piercings and tattoos can impact your ability to find a job. employers shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or level of punk-rockness

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white girls can’t wear bindis because in sixth grade one time i was dropped off at school by my aunt who was wearing a bindi at the time and some girl’s mom whispered to her friend how she would never let her daughter play with me because my family had probably been happy about 9/11 and then four years later that daughter showed up to school wearing a bindi as part of her “”“boho”“” look

fight me

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when someone makes a big deal out of something stupid


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